Langkawi – Malaysia

2017 was a busy year of travelling. After spending 3 months in New Zealand I travelled back to Langkawi – I was supposed to look after a small resort called:

Alamanda Villas Langkawi

After my arrival I had to start working immediately. No time to recover from my long flight from New Zealand.

Sunset at the Alamanda Villas in Langkawi – Malaysia

The owners ( a couple from Sweden/ Malaysia) were supposed to organize me a working visa, but on my arrival they changed. They though I would be happy to work on a touris visa and be fully in charge as a manager while they travel back to Sweden for 6 months.

I wasn`t too happy to be a manager of a resort without working permittion so they actually fired me after 10 days and told me to leave their property.

Because I have been to Langkawi before I knew a lot of good people. And one of them saved me and I could stay in his house for a couple of weeks .

Volunteering at Pulau Tuba

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